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St. Paddy's Day GREEN Makeup Look

Hey there friends! In today’s video I smoke a little and do a very festive St Paddy’s Day green makeup look. Have a happy, safe and quarantined St. Paddy’s Day. Follow Me Here: Instagram- Torimae89 Twitter- @Torimae89 Facebook Page – @ToriMae89

Making Gingerbread Houses – It’s Lit! ft. Ali

!!!Disclaimer!!! NOT a kid friendly video! Happy Holidays my friends! To celebrate the season my best friend, Ali, and I decided to make “gingerbread houses”. Yes we were very lit in this video! But we had so much fun doing it and we hope you love it! As always thank you so much for watching! Please hit the like button…

Playing Mad Gab While High ft. My BFF Ali

!!!Disclaimer!!! NOT a kid friendly video! My best friend, Ali, and I decided to play the game Mad Gab, and we definitely wanted to add a twist to it. Sooooo we got high lol. Watch how stupid we get trying to figure out the sayings. We definitely had a fun time! 😀 Also please subscribe! This video is also inspired…