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My Standout Beauty Products of 2019

Hello my friends! In todays video I show off the beauty products (in my collection) that stood out the most to me in 2019. In the beginning of this video I say 2009…why? I don’t know haha! Please ignore that. I hope you enjoy the video. As always thank you so much for watching! Please hit the like button and…

Colourpop Elsa Palette Makeup Tutorial

In todays video I play around with the Colourpop Frozen 2 Elsa Palette. Just an FYI the camera was slightly out of focus some of the time. Sorry about that 😦 As always thank you so much for watching! Please hit the like button and subscribe for future content! Colourpop Frozen 2 Elsa Palette https://colourpop.com/products/elsa-e… Follow Me Here: Instagram- Torimae89…

Pumpkin Spice GRWM

Todays video is just a fun relaxed GRWM (Get ready with me) doing a pretty pumpkin spice makeup look. Enjoy! Please subscribe for more videos! 🙂 Follow Me Here: Instagram- Torimae89 Twitter- @Torimae89 Blog Website- https://torimae89.com/

Yellow Makeup Tutorial Using Only Affordable Makeup

This is my first time creating a voice over makeup tutorial. I definitely need more practice, and I probably should have written out a script of what to say. Maybe next time 😛 I also realize that I am not completely center. I am waiting on an HDMI adapter cord in the mail so that I can use a monitor…

Top Festive Red Lip Products

During this time of the year the one thing I LOVE to wear the most is a bold red lip. I just feel extra festive when I do. So here are my top festive red lip products that I am loving this season. Oh, and most of them wont break your bank 😉

Mini Ulta & Walmart Haul (Review)

I recently made some purchases at Ulta and Walmart, and I thought I would try them out for a week and let ya’ll know what I think! It’s a mini haul/review!